Chop Chop Machine Tampopo

"Do not eat candy that has dropped on the floor. It now belongs to the ghost." (Thai proverb)

Here for: music, art and gastronomy

Music written and produced by Tampopo.


Tampopo's Quartier Rouge feat. Yuki Kawamura - 'Tokyo Decadanse'

Tampopo's Quartier Rouge - '8 Access Points'

Sumo Da House (12")
'Asseed Ass' - 'Add Boiling Water' - 'Untitled' - 'The Mistress Is Coming'
Label: International Deejay Gigolo Records (gigolo 71) |

Amadroid (12")
'Amadroid' (original mix) (bruno capriata rmx) (hong kong counterfeit rmx)
Label: Plays Cool (play 08-6) |

Sellafield (12")
'Sellafield Two' - 'Oxygen Lazy'
Label: Trapez Ltd (trapez ltd 32) | Download full release - .zip file

'Helicopters Got Cameras (Nightflight)' (12" split single)
Label: Curle Recordings (curle 003) | Download track

'Helicopters Got Cameras (Nightflight)' (tobias. remix) (12" split single)
Label: Metisse (curle-m 03) | Download track

Just Married (12")
'Amadroid' - 'RBT Religion' - 'Human - Robot' - 'Robozoo'
Label: Input - Output Inc. (i-o-i 002) |


Fussible 'Odyssea 2000' (Giant Swarm Tampopo Remix)
Label: Mil Records |

Lectronix 'Motorbike' (Tampopo Remix featuring Man Parrish)
Label : Throbdisk |

Puberty Love 'X-Ray Eyes' (Tampopo's Cyclone Remix)
Label: Lasergun |

Adriano Canzian 'Transfiguration' (Tampopo Remix)
Label: Sweet Smelling Surfaces |

Rich Vom Dorf 'Momento' (Tampopo vs. Garry Grand Remix)
Label: Broque |


'Bitch' in ReVE[s] Les Rendez-Vous Electroniques - Various artists
Label: Omnisounds |

'Terraformation Part One' in Fuwa Fuwa - Various artists
Label: Sweet Smelling Surfaces |

'Levitation' in Electronic Washroom Vol. 2 - Various artists
Label: Insectorama |

'Kill Clock' in Toulouse Is On The Map - Various artists
Label: Metal Disco Clash |

Tampopo, the Noodle Fetishist, purveyor of Satanic Sonic Cookery and Kimika Optika for ages...